Planned Delivery List

Planned Delivery Lists can be used to track when an expected file has been uploaded to the system. 
 - Once a day (at night), the system checks whether the files have been delivered accordingly

A delivery list for each file can be configured with the "Planed delivery list" option, to which access is assigned through project administration for individual users.

If your account possess the rights to the Planned Delivery List, you can access the lists in the module "Files" when you click on mceclip1.png and then select "Planned delivery list" from the options:


The overview shows all delivery lists that have been configured for the project:


To show/hide columns in the overview click on «View» in the upper right corner

Use the options at the bottom of the page to export the view / columns

  • Create a new delivery list by clicking «NEW» at the bottom of the page
  • Copy a list by selecting a it  with the checkbox in the first column and clicking «DUPLICATE»
  • Delete a list by selecting it with the checkbox in the first column and clicking «DELETE»

Modify an existing list by clicking on the name of the list or use the button «Export» at the bottom of the page to download the excel template for easy modification.


mceclip2.png Delivered on time

mceclip1.png Delivered late

mceclip0.png Deadline exceeded / Late

no entry = Open / To be delivered 

Creating / Edit Planned Delivery List

Click «NEW» at the bottom of the overview page to create a delivery list.

The configuration page is divided into 2 sections:mceclip7.png

1. General settings
Enter the name of the new planned delivery list in the top box.
Add a package name / description in the boxes below

Responsible = project participant responsible for delivering the file
Planned date = due date


2. Criteria for Planned Deliveries
Use the second section to define the criteria for the expected file. Choose from the options listed that you would like to apply using the 3-dots buttons OR enter a filename or parts of a filename as Reg-Ex value for criteria in the top box:


Click «SAVE» at the bottom of the page once all entries have been made to create.

Export / Import

Entries in the overview can easily be created or modified via import.

Download the excel for editing by clicking "EXPORT" on the overview page:



After the excel is downloaded, you can modify existing entries or add new entries to the list:



Save the list after all modifications have been made and then upload the excel via "IMPORT" on the overview page.

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