Home screen for administrators

The following article shows how you, as an administrator, can store links and shortcuts for the participants in your projects in the home area of ​​your project room.

As a project administrator, you have the option of storing project recommendations in the home area of ​​each project room. These can be external links or filters in the project room that are relevant for everyone involved in the project.

Project recommendations area

As an administrator, you can set up links and filters in the home area so that they can be seen by everyone involved in the project. For those involved in the project, this area is visible as project recommendations.

In the upper My Favorites area, you can store links and filters for yourself; these are not visible to other project participants.

Any links and filters you add below the green line will be visible to project participants.

For example, you can link filters here that are particularly important for participants in your project, and participants can use the tile to upload new documents directly.

Or you can post external links that give participants access to websites or training materials outside of Thinkproject.


Project recommendations - Add

You have the option of storing groups in the project recommendations area. You can use the groups to sort your stored tiles into categories, which can be expanded and collapsed. A maximum of five groups with up to eight tiles can be created in the project room.

It is not mandatory to create a group, but then only 8 tiles are available that cannot be collapsed.


Creating a new group:

To create a new group, click on +Group on the home screen below the green line in the Project Recommendations area.

A text entry window will then open. Enter the desired name of your group here and confirm this by clicking on the tick.


Only groups in which tiles have already been stored are visible to the project participants. 

Creating new tiles:

In the administrator area, tiles can generally be added in the same way that participants save new tiles.

For more information, see our Home Screen article under the Add Filter and Add External URL tabs.

Please note that filters added via the Pin to Home feature are only added to Favorites and therefore cannot be saved to Project Recommendations.


The filter view of the tiles you add is controlled by the system.
If you add a tile for a filter that can only be seen by certain participants/roles, the tile created will only be visible to this group of participants.
Personal filters CANNOT be linked in the project recommendations.


Project recommendations - Manage

You can subsequently edit group names and adjust the order of groups and tiles. Groups and tiles can also be deleted from your project recommendations.


Edit/ delete groups:

To edit a group's name, click the three dots icon to the right of the group's name.

  • Click Edit to customize the group name.
  • Click Move Up/Down to move the selected group further up or down in the order.
  • Click Delete to delete the selected group. All links that are still present in the group are also deleted as a result. Confirm this with another click on Delete.


Edit/ delete tiles:

To move or delete a tile, click on the three dots icon at the top right of the relevant tile.

  • Click Move Left/Right to adjust the arrangement of the tiles.
  • Click Delete to delete the tile from the project recommendations.
  • With Add to favorites you can save the tile in your personal favorites. This is not applied to all users, as each participant can set their own personal favourites.


An explanation of all other functions of the home screen, which are also available to every project participant, can be found in the following article: Home screen



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