How to Approve a Drawing

The purpose of this article is to explain how an Approver is able to approve a Drawing within TP CDE.

Once a drawing is uploaded to the system, the user who uploaded the drawing can appoint one or more approvers. If you have been appointed for drawing approval, the following steps will show you how to approve a drawing.

The drawing will only be marked as approved, if every appointed approver has approved the drawing.

Navigate to the menu area and select Drawing Management, followed by Drawing approval, then My To-do's (Approver) in order to locate the drawings you need to approve. To select a drawing from the list, click the small downwards arrow next to the corresponding plan and select Drawing Approval:


You can check the drawing and select a result for your approval in the opening screen.

In order to set an approval result, select the drawing file or other attached files to download and edit them on your desktop.

Navigate to the blue bar and select + Drawing Approval and Commenting to unfold the input screen for your approval result:



You will be automatically removed from the approvers list if you send the drawing with your approval result. Do not open the Lock and try to add other approvers here. If you select the Lock symbol the system will remove you from the approval cycle, even if you have not finished your approval.

 Choose your result under Approval Result from the following:

  • Rejected
  • Approval with note
  • Approval without note
  • Not relevant for approval



Under Approval File you can add edited or additional files to the original drawing file to document notes or changes during the approval process. You can either change the drawing PDF digitally, or add changes on the printed drawing manually and scan the changed drawing, or you can add a text in the Comment field.

If you have finished your approval select Send. Sending needs to be confirmed by clicking OK.

If a drawing is approved by all approvers, this means it has been sent to the system by all approvers with one of the mentioned approval results, the drawing is filed with the attribute approved on the platform and the original uploader is automatically notified.

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