Working on a Task

The purpose of this article is to explain how to work on a Task within TP CDE.

To access a task assigned to you, select one of the default filters in the task management solution. You will then be displayed with four different areas:

  1. Tasks created by me – This filter shows you all tasks you have uploaded. Open tasks are displayed first.
  2. My To-Dos (I am responsible) – This is your actual to-do-filter. The tasks displayed here require a response or action from you. You can also start to work on your tasks from here.
  3. My Tasks (cc) – Find all tasks you have been cc'd into here.
  4. All my tasks - Here you can find all of the above combined.

In order to work on a task, select the task and navigate to the small downwards arrow icon, and select Edit Task:


You will then be displayed with the input form, where you can now enter the details into the relevant fields. Depending on the processing status you can either choose Open, In process or Done.

To document the tasks completion, it is possible to attach additional files. The complete history of the completion process is displayed in the History Description field - this helps you keep track of the completion in the current version of the task:


To save your changes in the project room and upload your task, select Send and confirm with OK, the same way as when the task was first uploaded.

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