DESITE md 2.8 vs 3.0 | Model Checking

Hereby you can download a file with sample checking rules for DESITE 3.0:  sample rule 3.0.

The sample checking rules come from:

  1. Predefined rules according to COBie from British standard BS 1192-4:2014
  2. Rules from modelling guidelines (LOD 100 to 300) of a research project from the BIM Institute, University of Wuppertal

In the new version of desite md, it is possible to customize checking rules without coding. 

Open the Model Check panel under Tools, and create new check model as well as new check run. For instance, if you want to check on all ceilings, you can firstly define the object set and filter them out.

You can also use project structure as filter to select all object you need and add the "to be checked" object directly in Object Set with the "+" button. By defining a composite, don't forget to adapt the options: 

Afterwards you may start adding rules to the check run. There are two types of rules under the attribute check: conditional rule and simple rule. The conditional rule is used when a prerequisite should be added to a simple rule. E.g. you want to check if all ceilings which are thicker as 20 cm have property "IsLoadBearing = true", you can set a conditional rule like this: 


With using the export/import button you can get/put in your own rules in editable version, such als .csv or .xml file. The CSV file looks like this:

If you want to script the rules as in Desite 2.8, it works as well:

You have further questions about new features in DESITE md 3.0? Feel free to reach us out by sending us a ticket with the button below.





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