Offline Archive: Accessing an archived project

The purpose of this article is to explain how you can download and run an offline Thinkproject archive.

The archive can help track all steps taken in the construction phase to settle claims and disputes through the revision security of our platform and provides an accurate and understandable copy of the project room.


To request an archive, please get in contact with your Thinkproject Administrator. 

The archive solution has both an online and an offline offering, the following article will focus on the offline archive only. Information about the online archive can be found in the article Online Archive.

Downloading an offline archive

As soon as your archive is ready, you will receive an automated email notification from Thinkproject containing a download link. Clicking on the link will start the download.


Please note that the download time depends on the internet bandwidth as well as the size of the project data - the download may take a few hours.


Once the download starts, it will show the total size of the folder. Please make sure you have enough space on your drive.

If there is a network error during the download, you can go to the browsers download list and resume the download manually, if it does not resume automatically.  

Retrieve Data and launch the Archive file

After the download has finished, a ZIP file is downloaded to your system.

Retrieve the contents either directly in the Download filter or a location of your choice within the system.

Open the folder and run the Thinkproject Project Archive file to launch the application.


Run the archive application

After opening the Thinkproject Project Archive file, wait a few seconds for the application to configure itself.


The application requires Java to run. In case your system does not have Java installed, you might see the following one-time message:mceclip1.png 

You need to grant access to run the application.
This will not download or install anything on your system.

The welcome screen will open. Click Proceed to continue.



In the application welcome screen you can change to your preferred language. 

Accessing the archived data

After the previous steps have been finished, you will now see your project overview.


Click open project to access the archived documents and messages.

Need further help? Contact our Support Team